Jan Hartman
Principia, 31-044 Kraków, ul. Grodzka 52
CV in English  

Jan Hartman, CV

1. Personal data

Jan Hartman, born on 18th March, 1967, in Wrocław (Breslau), Poland. Married to Barbara Hartman since 1989. One daughter, Zofia, born in 1998.
E-mail addressj.hartman@iphils.uj.edu.pl 
home page: www.iphils.uj.edu.pl/~j.hartman

2. Education and academic career

ˇ Full Professor of Humane Sciences (since 2008). Head of the Department of Philosophy and Bioethics, Jagiellonian University Medical College (since 2003).

ˇ Employed as academic lecturer and researcher in the Jagiellonian University of Kraków, since 1994. Originally appointed Assistant Professor in the Institute of Philosophy, then (since February, 1995) Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Bioethics of the Jagiellonian University, and next (since October 1995) – Associate Professor in the same Department

ˇ I followed doctoral studies in the period 1990-1994, and simultaneously taught courses at the Institute of Philosophy, since 1992. My doctoral degree (1995) was based on the work The Problems of Philosophical Heuristics (published in 1997), completed by the supervision of my Prof. Władysław Stróżewski . I was given my upper academic degree (“habilitation”, Dr. Habil.) in 2001, by the Jagiellonian University, on the basis of the book The Techniques of Metaphilosophy.

ˇ In the period 1985-1990, I studied philosophy at the Philosophy Department of the Catholic University of Lublin (Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski), Poland. I graduated from this university presenting the Master Degree thesis on Roman Ingarden’s philosophy (Tutor: Prof. A. Kršpiec). The study was published in 1993.

3. Editorial work and social activities

ˇ In 1989, I founded the philosophical periodical of the Jagiellonian University Principia, and have been serving as Editor in Chief till present. 58 volumes have been issued so far.

ˇ Between 1997 and 2007, I have been a partner and editor in the scholarly Publishers Aureus, issuing mainly philosophical works.

ˇ In 1993, I became the founding member of Deutsch-Polnische Akademische Gesellschaft (DPAG). Now I am a Vice-President of this Organization

ˇ 2003-2009 I was a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences Philosophical Committee.

ˇ Since 2003 I have been the President of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Nursing, Jagiellonian University.

ˇ Since 2010 I work for several advisory boards in the Ministries of Health, of Science and the Ministry of Environment.

ˇ Since 2003 I have been active as a journalist and columnist of some major Polish newspapers and weeklies (i.e. “Polityka”).

ˇ Since 2011 I have been active in politics, mostly as a chief of the Political Council of Twój Ruch (Your Turn) social-liberal party.