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With a great pleasure we announce Call for Papers for the 3rd Cracow Eastern Conference, dedicated to the philosophy, culture, arts and religions of the East. This year's conference is also cofinanced by the Social Fund of the European Union Programme.

Word in the Cultures of the East
Sound - Language - Book

Cracow, 28th - 30th November 2013

This year’s meeting will be dedicated to the issues of sound, language and writing which, although frequently featuring in contemporary Western thought, are rarely and still insufficiently addressed through their long lasting reflection in the Eastern cultures. Continuing the tradition established by our two highly successful conferences held in 2009 and 2011, we would like to invite scholars who conduct research into cultures, religions, and philosophies of the East (India, China, Japan, Tibet, Korea, and the Middle East), as well as those who are interested in the mutual influences between the East and the West.

Full info about the conference: Call for Papers

The tentative programme:
schedule draft (16th of July)
schedule draft (31st of October)

The FINAL programme (not to be changed): Final programme (21st of November)

Book of Abstracts


Sections of the Conference:

Registration and abstract submission deadline: 15th of June 2013. Please, use the Submission form to register and send it to the Secretary of the Conference.
Fee: NONE!
The Conference is financed by the European Union within the framework of the European Social Fund.

If you need an official invitation or other document to get visa to Poland, please fill in the visas form and send it to the Secretary of the Conference

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